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Winterizing Your Arkansas Roof

When you’re a student, life revolves in segments of time separated into semesters and breaks. When you’re an adult, time takes a bit of a shocking turn into the nine to five world. After having kids, you pull a complete 360 and go back to semesters, sports, after-school activities, and birthday parties. Time reminders like daylight savings and wrinkles affect us all, but there are individual dividers of time for each person and occupation, as well.

For roofers, time is segmented into preparation and work for seasons. It’s important for companies in the roofing occupation to be prepared for the now and for the future.

In winter, we’re preparing for spring flooding. In spring, we’re gearing up for summer heat. In summer, we’re getting ready for fall storms, and in fall, we are winterizing.

While Arkansas doesn’t necessarily experience extreme cold temperatures, Mother Nature is known to bring snow and ice to the Natural State on occasion. And eventually that snow and ice melts, which means for winter, your roof needs to be equipped for ice and flooding.

Below we are giving you the guide list we follow when winterizing our own roofs before the temperatures drop to freezing.

Winterizing Your Roof

  1. If you don’t have a gutter system that cleans for you like GutterHelmet, it’s important to clear gutters of all fall leaves and debris to make room for the wet winter that’s predicted to come through.
  1. Now is also the time to repair loose, missing, or damaged shingles. Your roof needs to be fortified against wind, rain, and ice.
  1. If your roof has been through a lot this past year or is getting on up there in age, flashing needs to be checked for signs of wear. This is the perfect time to reapply caulk where it has become crinkled or bare.
  1. Attic insulation is key to keeping your home protected in the case that your roof does fail as the first line of defense. If you missed it, check out our blog on Radiant Barrier to see how we can keep you warm, cozy, and on budget.
  1. Remove overhanging tree limbs that – with ice or snow on top – will weigh down your roof.

Winterizing your roof in the fall is the key to ensuring your family and friends are warm and protected at your home. P.I. Roofing can guarantee leaks won’t make an appearance when Santa shimmies down your chimney this holiday season.


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