P.I. Roofing

Winter Roofing Weather Effects

It may feel like spring break here in Central Arkansas, but if you’ve lived here for longer than a year you know that it never lasts. Last year Jack Frost decided to wait until March to make his appearance in a big way by icing over our streets and homes. Because of the unpredictability of an Arkansas winter, P.I. is always on call and ready to help you get peace of mind by preparing your roof for winter roofing weather effects.

A fresh, light fall of snow adds weight to your roof that it doesn’t experience any other time of year. That’s not even including the addition of the weight of ice! To minimize the risk of roof damage or leakage this winter as you sit by the fire watching It’s A Wonderful Life for the 25th time, it’s important to be prepared with P.I.

Schedule an appointment for a roof inspection to assess any damage or deterioration so repairs can be completed prior to snow or ice accumulation.

Call our guys to come install Gutter Helmet to remove debris from downspouts and drains. When snow melts, you’ll have an onslaught of water and a clogged drain can cause pooling, mold, and leaks.

Check out our maintenance plan to never worry about anything coming down from your roof – except Santa’s toy bag.