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Why Your Business Needs GreaseGuard

The roofs of many businesses, particularly restaurants, sustain a significant amount of damages due to the presence of grease, oil and other pollutants. These substances are often emitted onto the rooftop through kitchen exhaust fans, and while the damage can go completely unseen and unnoticed for a significant period of time, when a building owner finally does discover the problem, it’s often costly, or worse, dangerous.

GreaseGuard offers protection against grease and oil by capturing these pollutants in the innovative G2 GreaseGuard Rooftop Defense System. This cutting-edge system is noncombustible, rainproof and structurally sound, giving business owners peace-of-mind in the safety and stability of their roofs. Read on to learn how.

GreaseGuard decreases needs for repairs.

Oil and grease weakens the overall integrity of your roof, creating the need for frequent extensive roof repairs. By simply having GreaseGuard installed, you can significantly reduce your roof’s rate of deterioration, and save money on roof maintenance.

GreaseGuard helps with compliance.

Not only are grease, oils, fats and chemicals bad for the condition of your roof, they also create a hazardous environment. A large concentration of grease and oil on your roof poses a significant health and safety threat, so much so that an abundance of it could result in an OSHA, NFPA or EPA violation. GreaseGuard protects the people that must work and live in your building from a range of hazards, and keeps you from incurring unnecessary fines.

GreaseGuard reduces fire hazards.

If you have a concentration of highly-flammable oil and grease on your roof, you may be a single spark away from a devastating building fire. In fact, more than 98% of restaurant fires are in part caused by kitchen exhaust grease and oil. GreaseGuard can greatly reduce your risk of a fire, but even if your building should experience one, the damage is likely to be much less than if you didn’t have a grease defense system in place.