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Why Many Roofing Companies Replace Roofs That Could Be Repaired

One of the primary reasons P.I. Roofing was founded was to prevent home and building owners from paying for a completely new roof when their current one only needed a few repairs (you can read more on that topic in last week’s blog). Unfortunately, most roofing companies hold the practice of giving a roof a quick look, finding a problem and telling the customer the entire roof needs to be replaced. We often shock customers when we tell them we can fix their roof, because other roofing companies have told them a complete roof replacement is the only way to fix their problems. There are a couple reasons other companies do this, and it comes down to more than just money. Roofing companies would rather replace your roof than repair it because …

It takes time to do a proper roof evaluation.

Getting up on your roof, properly evaluating it and pinpointing the problems is a time-consuming task. While it’s often what’s best for your pocketbook, other roofing companies simply don’t want to spend the time and manpower to do a complete inspection. At P.I. Roofing, you (and your wallet) are always top-of-mind, and we want your experience with us to be a positive one. We always do a full evaluation of each roof we work on, and our evaluating technicians perform a 17-point inspection to ensure they don’t miss anything.

It’s more work to do repairs.

With the added time of an inspection also comes the need to look over the results and formulate a repair plan, which is much more specific and nuanced than a replacement. While putting on a full new roof is still a lot of work, it’s much more cut-and-dry than customized repairs.

Roofers make more money on a roof replacement than a repair.

Finally, it is more economically beneficial for a roofing company to replace a roof rather than repair it – if you look at the exchange as a one-time transaction. At P.I. Roofing, we want to build longstanding relationships with customers that trust us, which in the end is more economically beneficial for everyone.