P.I. Roofing

What To Expect From A P.I. Roofing Service Call

Your central Arkansas home is your haven, your place to provide for your family and escape from the stresses of work and the outside world. So the last thing you want is for that protection to be compromised. Joel and Veronica Johnson, owners of P.I. Roofing, feel the very same about their own home where their children were raised and where now their granddaughter is excited to visit and play. So when it comes to our homes, we don’t normally welcome surprises. We want you to know exactly what to expect on a service call from us so you feel safe in the hands of our technicians.


All our guys are expected to present themselves in a neat manner and to keep your home the same or in better condition than when they found it. They wear floor savers when entering the home and clean up all debris after each day’s job is finished.


This personality trait is part of our training process. No matter the stress a job can bring, courtesy is top priority when interacting with our Arkansas roofing clients.


Our technicians will arrive when stated. He will be on site an hour or less depending on the square footage and amount of possible damage to be surveyed. The tech will not attempt to solve the problem, but will attempt only to define the issue and the cause. If an emergency, there will be an attempt to temporarily slow or fix the problem.


The service call involves:

  • Unplugging the gutters at the downspout
  • Inspecting the attic, checking the ventilation, and searching for leaks
  • Inspecting all aspects of the roof system including: pipe flashings, valley installation, eaves, shingles, chimneys, and chimney caps


We have set prices and discounts for those who join our P.I. Roofing Maintenance Plan.


We will provide detailed reports on everything we found. We keep clients informed throughout the whole process including photos of before, during, and after repairs or replacements.