P.I. Roofing

Why We Founded P.I. Roofing

Every company, from the smallest startups to the biggest corporations, has a story of how and why it was founded, and we believe this story says a lot about the company’s character and principles.

In 2001, Joel and Veronica Johnson decided to found P.I. Roofing to address the problems they had witnessed within the roofing industry, and because they knew they could provide a better product and experience for customers. Specifically, they wanted …

… To help home and building owners save money.

Too many roofing companies glance at a roof with any sort of problem and declare it needs to be replaced. P.I. Roofing was founded to provide customers with a company that would carefully evaluate the roof, determine what the problem/problems were, then decide the best approach, which often times are a few repairs rather than a costly new roof.

… To help home and building owners avoid easily preventable roof problems.

P.I. Roofing wants each of our customers to be informed about the upkeep of their roofs to avoid problems that could easily have been prevented. By providing an affordable maintenance plan and keeping customers educated on the state and care of their roofs, we’re able to extend the life of a roof, allowing time to budget for the eventual new one. In many cases, we’re able to keep our customers’ roofs in good shape until our turbulent Arkansas weather causes some wind and hail damage to a home, and the homeowner’s insurance company will pay for the roof replacement.

… To provide a positive work environment for those in the roofing industry.

Roofing professionals work hard, and we wanted to provide them with a positive workplace that values each employee. We support a healthy work life balance for our employees and reward the excellent work they put in each day.

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