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Top 3 Benefits of Drones in the Roofing Industry

Drones are taking the construction industry by storm, and roofing is no exception. While it’s true they are fun to fly around, drones add so much more than recreation to our projects. They make our work faster, more efficient and more cost effective. Here’s how:

Drones help create an accurate estimate.

By flying a drone over the roof of a building, we’re able to get a full picture of what the project will entail, and look at the roof from several different angles. This allows us to better assess the task at hand and provide a more accurate estimate for the customer.

They lessen the need to put someone on the roof.

In some cases, a simple flyover reveals exactly what needs to be done to a roof, taking away the need to send a person up on the roof to conduct an assessment. While our technicians are extremely comfortable and skilled when it comes to maneuvering roofs, there is always risk involved every time someone climbs up that ladder. By removing the need to send someone up to assess, we remove the need to take on that risk.

They pay for themselves.

At a price of less than $1,000, a high-quality drone quickly pays for itself in the amount of time it saves, especially on large projects such as our recent Waterford Apartment complex roof replacement.


We’re always researching better ways to assess, repair and replace roofs, and love exploring new technology that helps us do our jobs better. By staying up to date on the most recent advancements in our industry, we’re able to fulfill our commitment to offering you high-quality services at a fair price. If you would like an estimate for a roof repair or replacement, or simply would like us to perform an assessment, let us know.