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Top 10 Arkansas Roofing Questions Answered: Part 2

Last week on the blog, we answered five of the ten most frequently asked roofing questions. This week, we’re delving into the second half. Whether you’re a homeowner or new roofer trying to learn the trade, we have the expert answers to your most pressing roofing questions.

Q: If my roof already has two layers of shingles on it, do I need them taken off before re-roofing? The more layers of protection, the better, right?

A: Well, not exactly. Some people think that by just placing new shingles over old shingles, the roof is brand new. It’s like old pizza; if it’s been sitting in your fridge for a while, would you just sprinkle more cheese on top, declare it a new pizza, and eat it anyways? Now, one shingle layer over an old one is honestly acceptable. But two definitely won’t work. Two layers would put unnecessary extra weight on the roof.


Q: While building a house with my family, some condensation showed up between the insulation and the roof. Can we go ahead and have the builders put up sheetrock to soak up the moisture or will we need to install vents?

A: The short answer is the builder will know the best route for that. Any good builder will know that roof insulation needs two inches or more of air space between the roof sheathing and insulation. Different types of venting products include soffit, ridge, and vapor barrier. The builder will need to overlap all seams by a good amount to prevent gaps. If you hired the right guy, he might also foil tape or caulk the seams as an extra precaution.


Q: Is it OK to install ridge vents on a low-slope roof?

A: Depends on how low you’re talking. We like ridge vents, but with an extremely low slope like a 4:12 for example, any type of weather could blow into your home via the ridge vent. We’d stick to gable vents and soffit vents, in this case.


Q: I am an amateur roofer (trying to learn the trade, as I go) and I have some roofing questions. I noticed that I missed the trusses a couple of times while attaching the sheathing in my recent roof replacement. Is that a big deal or will it work itself out?

A: You should definitely let us take a stab at it! Those nails need to be removed and done right or there’s a strong possibility these nails will cause openings for future leaks.


Q: We’re building an addition to our home and are in the process of adding the shingles. The new roof comes in contact with the aluminum siding of the house and we’re told we can’t use a ridge vent. What would you suggest?

A: There’s a vent for that! Well, actually a vent system made exactly for what you need. We have the products and expertise to fill the spot between the siding and the roof and also allow ventilation and prevent moisture from coming in.


If you have a question you’d like answered, just let us know! There’s a possibility we’ve discussed the topic on our social media pages, so check them out and let us know what you think.

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  2. Two layers of shingles is never better than one in my opinion. Like you said, it adds unnecessary weight and can be a headache when you have to replace it with a brand new roof. Thanks for the insights!

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