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The Most Important Inspection of the Year

Cold air has begun to set in, and along with it will likely come some winter weather – which calls for a roofing inspection. While Arkansas is not known for heavy snowfall or frequent ice storms, we do typically experience some sort of frozen precipitation, and if the roof on your home or business isn’t in good shape, it only takes a small amount of ice, snow and/or wind to cause major damage. A roof inspection during the most wonderful time of the year is potentially the most important one you’ll have all year, especially if it’s been awhile since a professional has been on your roof. Below, we’ve listed out a few of the most common winter roof problems that can be preventively addressed by an inspection.

High Energy Bills

If you roof has any holes or cracks, rising warm air is prone to escape, causing your HVAC system to work harder and longer to make your home or building a comfortable temperature.


Harsh winter weather can turn even the smallest leaks into a full blown roof crisis, allowing all the elements your roof should protect you from right into your home. This creates an influx of moisture in your home’s structure, especially when snow or ice begin to melt.

Clogged Gutters

If your gutters are not inspected and cleaned before winter weather hits, the snow and ice that accumulates on your roof will simply pool around the base of your home, which can significantly damage your outer walls and foundation. To ensure your gutters stay clean and can properly drain, we recommend installing GutterGuard. 

Safety Concerns

Lastly, an uninspected roof poses a significant safety threat during and post-winter weather. For the home, a neglected roof under the intense pressure of snow could experience structural damage, or worse, fall in. For commercial buildings, snow and ice can cover up dangerous pollutants such as fats, oils, greases and chemicals, which pose a health hazard and make your building susceptible to fire. We recommend Grease Guard to keep hazardous pollutants under control.

Schedule Your Inspection

An early winter inspection is imperative to identifying the areas of your roof that need to be strengthened. If you’d like to schedule an inspection, or learn more about GutterGuard or Grease Guard, give us a call.

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