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Techtober: Roof Technology Advances

Techtober is a term used to reference the month of October as a time for celebrating new advances in technology. One would not immediately reference roofing as a niche where technology is headlined in the news. But we disagree! Roofing is an exciting scene of technological advances in environmental conservation, energy efficiency, and home appeal. Here are a few of P.I. Roofing favorites we’d like to highlight.

Asphalt shingles have been a popular choice for many reasons. They are low in cost and come in many different color options. The trend, however, is swinging towards the preference of laminate asphalt. It’s understandable. These shingles provide intense durability and offer even more styles and colors. Alongside that, cooling granules contained in the shingles make the home more energy efficient.

As discussed in our previous blog posts, solar panels are growing in popularity, especially in France, with the arrival of their new green law. These use the sun’s thermal energy to generate electricity, thereby decreasing electric grid reliance and reducing our carbon footprint.

For homeowners looking to escape the cookie cutter look, color choices for roofing can help set your home apart. Because of the popularity, roofing material now usually has a variety of color options. But it’s not just a decorative addition. Lighter color roofing materials absorb less heat, which helps prevent roof damage and allows homeowners to keep comfortable during the scorcher months. Last year, hues of blue and mixed tones were all the roofing rage. What are you seeing as a trend this year?

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