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Skylights: Good Morning sun, Goodnight moon

Skylights have come a long way, according to P.I. Roofing owner, Joel Johnson. In the past, installing a skylight might be a hesitant decision for a home owner for fear of leaking around the roof penetration. But with skylights, we believe proper training for installation is key. Below are some benefits to installing a skylight in your home:

  • Natural light: The main reason skylights are installed is provide more natural sunlight to enter the home or business. This type of light gives home and business owners a more enjoyable space to live and work in.
  • Going green: Skylights are quite beneficial in the fall and winter months. They increase the amount of heat that enters the building. They serve to reduce heating costs and lighting costs during the daytime.
  • Getting more green: Skylights can add a more open and pleasing appeal to a home on the market. They are seen as an amenity.
  • Good health: Sunlight is proven to reduce stress and anxiety and if you consider your home the place to escape that, a skylight will certainly help provide that oasis feeling you need to relax.


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