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Signs of a Sun Damaged Roof in Arkansas

Most roofs, particularly those without much tree cover, are exposed to high amounts of sunlight. In the hot summer months, the effects of this exposure drastically increase along with the temperature. To keep any serious roof sun damage problems at bay, look for the below signs. While it doesn’t necessarily mean extensive repairs are in order, you may need new shingles or covering to help your roof last and prevent further problems.

Warped shingles

Look out for shingles that begin to curl or slip. A few warped shingles won’t make a huge difference in the quality of your roof, but too many can compromise the effectiveness of your roof’s initial covering.

Roof discoloration

The sun tends to bleach the color out of a wide variety of materials, and your roof is no exception. While discoloration itself isn’t a sign of serious damage, it is often a precursor to warped and decaying shingles.

Shingle decay

As warped shingles sit in the sun, eventually, they will start to decay.  You’ll begin to cracks, dents, missing granules or missing shingles altogether. Like with warped shingles, having a small amount of shingle decay wont’ seriously compromise the integrity of your roof. Once a few start to decay, the rest of your shingles typically aren’t far behind, which can cause more problems in the future.

Water damage or leaks in your attic

The ultimate sign of serious roof sun damage, water leaks are an immediate cause for concern, and should be addressed by a professional roofer immediately. No need to worry though, if you carefully look out for the other signs of damage above, you’ll know to call a roofer long before your roof gets to the point that it leaks.


Keep an eye out for these signs of roof damage throughout the summer, and if you notice a significant increase, give us a call at 501-812-5164. We’ll give you an honest evaluation and formulate the best plan for keeping your roof in good shape.