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Roofing DDIY (Don’t Do It Yourself!)

DIY has been a huge trend in the past few years, and it’s certainly recommended for simple at-home projects taken from Pinterest and sites like it. It’s great to feel proud of yourself for accomplishing a task and saving money at the same time. However, roof repair is one of the areas where DIY can cause more harm than good.

Reasons Not to Attempt a DIY Roof Repair:

  1. After a storm dies down, many effects of the storm remain present. The roof may still be wet, icy, or covered in debris. P.I. roofing professionals are trained for safety during these dangerous conditions. They also have the equipment to get the job done correctly. However, it is very hazardous for someone who isn’t experienced to climb onto a roof under such circumstances.
  2. Storm damage can be widespread and your roof needs to be thoroughly inspected. Intense roof damage can be in inconspicuous places. Any roof repair job that does not cover and correct the entire effected area won’t properly keep you safe.
  3. Most of the time, homeowners insurance will cover damage done to your residence or workplace due to a natural disaster. P.I. Roofing works with your homeowner’s insurance to get you the lowest payment possible, if any is needed at all.
  4. Replacing a roof requires highly technical training. Everything must be taken into account for a roof replacement from nailing in individual shingles to insulation to flashing and more. A roof replacement should always be left to a highly qualified roofing contractor who is able to fully assess your home’s structure and install a roof that will last and give the best performance.
  5. A DIY roof replacement can harm both you and your home.


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