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Our Top Picks of Clever Halloween Roof Decorations

Even Halloween roof decorations can’t escape the cyclical nature of trends. No longer is the jack-o-lantern and scarecrow family going to cut it if you want to keep up with the Joneses this year. 2016 wants to see the most clever, the most gory, the most creepy, and the most crawly come to life in the yards and on the rooftops of Arkansas. With Arkansas roofs as the spot we spend most of our time, we love seeing the creative ways people adorn them for the holidays. We’ve scoured the internet and chosen some of our Halloween roof decorations that we hope Little Rock can top.

Skeleton Sneak

Whether they escaped from the grave or the lab, situating these boney fellas on your roof are an clever way to get a laugh out of the neighbors and the kids.

halloween roof decorations

Photo Creds to Petiole

Spider Sanctuary

It’s most people’s nightmare and a pest control technician’s dream. Creating this spidery scene would take some time, but it definitely gets the point across. The Arachnid family has moved in and wants to have you over for dinner – pronto.

halloween roof decorations

Photo Creds to craft hubs.com

Salem’s Spells

These witches have no intention of stepping up to the gallows of going down in flames. Their merriment is in full force for All Hallow’s Eve and we have a feeling you’ll get more tricks than treats at this house.

halloween roof decorations

Photo Creds to apex exteriors

Which Little Rock roofs are your favorites this year? Snap a pic and send them our way!