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On Location: Briarwood Apartments

As we climbed on top of the flat-roofed Briarwood Apartment complex, we knew a few of these roofs had seen better days. The rafters and roof support had begun to sag, and throughout our evaluation, we noticed several pools of standing water and PVC material covering the roof had significant wear and tear.

Briarwood Apartments: Before P.I. Roofing

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After our survey, we concluded most all of the buildings were in need of repairs, but as apartments typically only have so much money a year to spend on the complex, we selected the roofs in immediate need of repair, and scheduled the rest for next year after the repair budget is renewed.

Briarwood Apartments: After P.I. Roofing

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The damage we saw was typical of an older building, and because the Apartments called us to come make the necessary repairs, this apartment complex should continue to stand the test of time and provide homes for countless Little Rock residents for years to come. Thanks to Briarwood Apartments for choosing P.I. Roofing to take on this project. Look out for updates on our next flat roof project, the historic Donaghey Building in downtown Little Rock.

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