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Make Sure The Lowest Proposal Doesn’t Leave You With A Lower Quality Roof.

Week 6

There is nothing wrong with making sure that when you buy a new roof you receive a good value. What’s important to remember is that value can’t be defined by price alone. Going with the lowest proposal can leave you with a roof that matches the price you paid — cheap.

Here are two important things to look for when reviewing your estimates and deciding on the best roofing company for you:

Overhead Costs

Office support staff and more qualified workers require more overhead costs from a roofing company. But having these things also bring you valuable benefits like reliable assistance and a better roofing product. Keep in mind what may be causing one estimate to be higher than another one. Because of lower overhead, the smaller roofing company may have the ability to offer a lower estimate but not have the ability to meet all your long-term roofing needs.

Material Costs

Everyone bidding on your roofing job has similar costs for materials, if they’re bidding the same materials. It’s very important to require the contractor to specify the exact shingle, including grade and manufacturer, in the bid to make sure that you’re comparing apples to apples. Given the same materials, the main difference in bids will be in labor costs, quality of workmanship, warranties, and the integrity and reliability of the company you’re working with.

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