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Is Your Roof Santa Ready?

If you’ve been driving around central Arkansas looking for the most spectacular Christmas lights, you may have noticed some of our signs in yards where P.I. has made the roof “Santa-Ready”. Some of our clients have been curious as to what a Santa-Ready roof entails, and we love to talk about our work, so below is our answer.

This time of year, we get lots of calls about gutter cleaning. And we love it! Leaves are falling, ice is accumulating, and debris from storms is gathering up in your gutter and the last thing you want to worry about over the holiday season is a sagging gutter that isn’t doing its job. Enter Gutter Helmet! Gutter Helmet can be installed over new or existing gutters. The main purpose of gutters on your home is to direct water off your roof and away from your home. When the gutters get clogged, all kinds of problems begin; water back up, ice damming, animal nesting, and the snowball effect continues.  Gutter Helmet goes beyond just looking good on your home. It also keeps leaves and debris out, prevents animals for nesting, and directs rain water away from your home. If you have damage to a section of the Helmet, we only have to replace one section as opposed to replacing an entire side. If you have great gutters already, why throw them away? Need another added benefit? It’s guaranteed for life (and guarantees you’ll never have to climb a ladder again to clean gutters).

Getting your roof Santa-Ready also means balancing the heat coming from the sun into your attic through radiant heat. Radiant Barriers work to keep your attic insulation cooler, allowing it to insulate at its best and highest capacity, which means saving you money.

This is also the storm season, and getting leaks and maintenance done on your roof before temperatures drop to freezing is so important for the warmth and safety of your family.

After one of our inspections, your roof will be Santa-Ready. Your only worry is getting the cookies and milk ready in time for his arrival!

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