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How To: Reduce Winter Energy Costs

If you’re wondering how insulation works, think of stepping outside in the middle of winter with a fuzzy, cozy hat on your head. Then visualize the chill that sets in when you take that hat off. In this picture, the hat and your hair equal the insulation and roof of your home. They are designed to keep warmth in in the winter. So it makes sense that adding insulation and ensuring old insulation is still doing its job decreases energy costs by reducing the needed energy to keep your home at a cozy temperature.

Heating your home accounts for more than half of the energy that’s used in a single family sized home. With the reality that proper insulation installation lowers energy waste and shrinks energy bills, it’s time to give your insulation a second look. Roofing professionals will need to be educated on the following things:

– The scope of the project i.e size of the home. This will determine whether additional insulation is needed. Roofing professionals know how to determine where drafts are most prevalent and where the majority of heat loss is occurring.

– Type of insulation needed for the project. Our Central Arkansas roofing professionals can determine how much and what kind of insulation is needed because they know the weather of this region well. They will discover the coldest parts of your home and then determine the resistance to heat flow with an inspection.

– How best to install the insulation. Some of this will be determined by your home’s age, but the attic will be the main source of insulation. P.I. Roofing has the best and most updated training for roofers in Central Arkansas in order to keep your home safe, covered, and energy-efficient.