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4 Questions To Lead You To The Right Roofing Decision

In several of our Facebook posts, we’ve given you the right roofing questions you should ask and the answers you should expect when trying to choose a roofing company to repair or replace your roof. So now you’re equipped to make an educated choice on this important investment for your family and the roofer is on his way to make an estimate. We want to make sure you feel right about your decision by providing you some clues on what to look for to ensure this roofing company is right for you. Before you sign the dotted line, observe the following:

Is the estimator knowledgeable?

Ask the right questions. Refer back to the ones we’ve posted on our social media pages to know what answers to expect. What is their full company name and where are they located? How long have they been in business? What kind of credentials do they have?

If he can answer those to your satisfaction, the next thing to observe is how thorough he is with his inspection. Make sure the following is inspected:

  • The access points to the attic
  • The gutter system
  • The amount of layers on the roof
  • Penetrations on the roof, such as soil pipes, heater pipes, satellite dishes, and wind turbines

Is the estimator experienced?

You should be able to tell this by how many times he has to pull his cell phone out to call for help. He should have answers for you even if they are theories until he inspects. He should know how to spot hail, mold, leaks, and any other potential problems without you having to point them out.

Is the estimator articulate?

Has he been trained to explain your roofing issues and the plan going forward to repair them in terms that you understand clearly? If you’re going to spend insurance or out-of-pocket money for the one thing that protects your family from the elements, you want to understand the process of how that’s getting down. If your estimator can’t do that, that should be a red flag.

Did he come prepared?

He should have on hand everything he needs to get the estimate done, from a sheet of paper and pencil to a ladder and tape measure, it should only take one trip. And he shouldn’t be asking you for any tools. He should honor the Boy Scout code, and be prepared.

P.I. Roofing is proud to boast all these qualities in our employees because training them before putting them in the field is a top priority. If you want to stay educated about your decision, like us on Facebook and Twitter, and feel free to ask any questions you feel unsure about with your roofer.