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How To: Increase Roof Ventilation and Heat Extraction

There are two important ways that roof ventilation and homeowners can increase heat extraction.

First, install a roof ventilation system and install vents into the ceiling.  This ensures that the air will continue to flow throughout the house, releasing the hottest air through the vents in an attic. Keeping the size of the room in mind, ideally, there needs to be at least one vent per room.

Secondly, keep upstairs windows closed, while leaving downstairs windows open.  By doing this, the air from outside will only be allowed inside through the bottom floors, allowing the heat to rise and escape through the ventilation system.

Finally, sit back and enjoy summer without intense home heat and lessen the stress of high air conditioning bills.

If you have any questions about roof ventilation or installation, give us a call. We are here to help keep your summer cool and affordable.

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