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History of Roofing: Slate Roofs

Slate roofs are long lasting and can be spotted worldwide. They can withstand a century or two and age beautifully. These historic roofs can be found anywhere from country cottages to castles.

Slate in its rudimentary form is made from big slabs of rock found in shale quarries. Shale is formed from compressed┬ásediment that -over a very long time – becomes a stone. After a stone has been cut from a quarry, it is┬ácut, sized, and split by a craftsman to create the slate materials. Every slate is unique because it is cut by hand and multi-colored depending on the location of the quarry.



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  1. Slate sounds like a sturdy roofing material. Maybe we should have that put in next time we redo our roofing. It would be nice to have it last a while, so I wouldn’t have to worry about it. I like the idea that each one has a different color and is unique, too.

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