P.I. Roofing

For Your Arkansas Roofing Maintenance Protection – We Have a Plan

It expands in the summer heat, contracts in the winter cold, takes the brunt of storms and shields your home interior from rain, wind and debris. With all that activity in a year, even the most well-built Arkansas roofs will need some roofing maintenance.

While it’s important to get routine inspections of your roof, many homeowners don’t call a roofer until they have a problem. Often, homeowners are intimated by costs or simply don’t know inspections are a necessary part of home maintenance. Fortunately, a roofing maintenance plan like ours remedies these problems by handing over the upkeep of your roof to a professional at a reasonable price.

We strive to meet your immediate needs while also building a long-term partnership in caring for your home. With this in mind, we offer our P.I. Roofing Maintenance Plan along with guarantees on our products and workmanship for years to come. No other roofing company more confidently backs its work. We have a team of roofing professionals focused on one common goal—to bring you the best results with leading expertise and unmatched attention to detail.

Here’s What We Do For Our P.I. Roofing Maintenance Program Members:

If you can’t judge a book by its cover, you certainly can’t judge a roof’s protection from the ground. We check your roofing system from the inside out and everywhere in between to give you peace of mind on your overhead protection.

Roof Inspection

We examine all components of your roof system to ensure that your roof is in the best condition possible to protect your home.

Debris Removal

We eliminate large debris from skylights, valleys, etc. to extend the life of your roof (up to 100 sf).

Gutter Cleaning

We clear out all trash and weather debris built up in your gutters (up to 150 sf)

Discounts on Repairs

You’ll receive 10% off any future roof repairs for the duration of your membership as well as a reduced diagnostic fee of $19.95 ($79 value).

Priority Appointments

Part of being one of our plan members means you don’t suffer the wait. You are guaranteed an appointment within 24 hours of your call (weather permitting).

Annual Cost: $179

To learn more about home insurance qualifications, visit arkansas.gov.