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Five Signs Your Roof Could Be In Danger of Springing A Leak

By knowing the warning signs of roof problems that may lead to leaking, you can save yourself from facing more serious home damage and repair costs. Here are 5 signs to look for:

1) Buckling Shingles: areas of your roof will look wavy; this may be caused by movement in the deck of your roof or improperly applied felt.

2) Missing Shingles: easy to spot; often caused by storms or high winds, usually related to improper fastening.

3) Algae and Mold: will create large areas of discoloration; caused by growth of airborne fungi or algae deposited on roof.

4) Damaged Flashing: this is the metal area around the bottom of your roof penetrations (air vents, plumbing vents skylights, etc.).

5) Curling Shingles: this when your shingles start to smile at you- curling up on the edges; can be caused by water absorption or hot air in the attic.

Recognizing the potential signs that your roof may be at risk of leaking is a good way to avoid bigger problems later. But the best thing to do to make sure your roof is in top shape is to have a yearly roof inspection scheduled by a trusted roofing company.