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Our Favorite Holiday Traditions

For us, some of our warmest Christmas memories come from taking part in annual holiday traditions. We’re spreading a little of this joy by sharing some our favorites with you.

I have several traditions that I love, but a few of my favorites are having freshly-baked homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast while we open our gifts on Christmas morning. Also, during the holiday season we purchase gifts for kids in foster care through organizations like The CALL or Project Zero. I love having the opportunity to give a little something to children that are without their families during the holidays.
Sara Lee, Office Staff


One of my favorite things about the holidays is spending time with the entire P.I. family at the Christmas party.
Veronica JohnsonCo-owner


One Christmas tradition for Mary and I is to go to Midnight Mass. It is funny, so many people ask ‘so what time is Midnight Mass?’, when you tell them that you go to a Christmas Church Service. Well guess what, Midnight Mass is at MIDNIGHT.  When we come home from church we do not open gifts we just go to bed and wait till morning. When we had our boys at home we never rushed Christmas Morning. We would get up, get ready for the day, make our beds, have a good breakfast and then gather in the family room to pass out the gifts.  Either myself or the boys, when they got older, would pass a gift to one of the family members whose name was on the gift tag. That person would open the gift, show everybody and thank the giver for the gift. We would each wait our turn until all the gifts were handed out. It was nice see the gift given to someone you love and watch their reactions. Of course we all got the gift of ‘new socks’ or something like that too but it was still fun.
Dale L. FlamandSenior Estimator/Project Manager

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