P.I. Roofing

Deck the Roof Without Hitting the Deck

We all have different competition levels come out of our personalities around the holidays. Who can make the best tasting turkey and stuffing? Who can buy the most thoughtful gifts? Who can make the tallest, fattest snowman?

But the competition we want to focus on is what we like to call the Griswold Factor. Of course, if you’ve seen Christmas Vacation, you know exactly what we mean; having the brightest and best outdoor lighting and decorations on the block. As far as we know, there are no classes in central Arkansas you can enroll in for Christmas light hanging and Rudolph stabilizing, so here’s our crash course for you.

  1. Planning Materials. It’s always good to have a small mock-up blueprint of how you want things to look and where you want things to go before jumping into anything. If you’re a first timer, you’ll need to measure your roof line where the lights will go so that you can go to the store knowing how many lights you’ll need. Multiple store trips during the cold, holiday season are fun for no one. While at the store, buy sturdy plastic clips that you can use to hang lights in lieu of the nail/hammer combination to avoid damaging roofing materials.
  1. Checking Materials. If you’re not a first timer, and you’ve had your trusty lights stored up somewhere for the other 11 months, this one is especially for you. Before hanging lights, check for bad bulbs, frayed wires, or flickering lights. Enjoying the festivities does not include starting a fire on your roof. As you’re checking all lighting materials, make sure you place them in a way where no one can trip over them or rip them out of an outlet.
  1. Securing Materials. Central Arkansas isn’t known for huge ice storms, but it does get pretty chilly with occasional and sometimes regular ice accumulation. If you’re going to be getting atop your roof to allow Santa and his sleigh to be displayed proudly for all, make sure you get an early start in the holiday season before your roof gets slippery. Once on the roof, hoist displays up with rope instead of carrying them up with you and making it more plausible that you’ll lose your balance. Secure decorations tightly so as not to cause damage by toppling over.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask our professionals. The easiest way is to visit our Facebook page where we will be posting holiday decorating tips. Finally, take a picture when you’re done and send it to us. We’d like to feature you on our social media pages!