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On Location: Corky’s BBQ

This week you may have spotted us on location replacing a Little Rock, Arkansas roof with a delicious history behind it. Now that the rain has given us a break, we were able to finally replace Corky BBQ’s roof; one that has soaked in a lot of hickory smoke from the BBQ pit. It may still be hot outside but we sure aren’t complaining during our lunch break! (We’re too busy scarfing down their famous BBQ spud. We love our jobs).

Corky’s BBQ was in desperate need of a new roofing system. The old roof needed replacement due to its age and recent hail damage. It is being covered with Dura-last materials and has a 15 year warranty.

arkansas roofing

Leaking due to roof damage

arkansas roofing

Corky’s BBQ roof in progress

Stay tuned for the final product!