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Arkansas Summer Storms Gutter Damage Aftermath

Arkansas summer storms are absolutely beautiful to watch and terrifying to get caught in. They can arrive without warning, create havoc on your home, and leave just as quickly as they came. And the duration of the storm doesn’t always make sense with the intense amount of damage caused. It’s akin to what your toddler can do to your living room when you look away for a second to take the spaghetti off the stove. There’s a reason for the phrase “looks like a tornado came through your room!” Unfortunately, with roofs, the damage isn’t always visible from the ground. And that includes gutter damage.

Clogged gutter damage can include water misdirection, wear and tear on your roof, rain runoff that causes leaks and damage in your foundation, extra weight that causes a pull-away from your roof, and damage to landscaping. Let’s explore some of these a little more.

Foundation Damage

Gutters are placed of roofs to channel water off of the roof to protect your home’s foundation. If the gutter can’t perform that job because it is clogged, the foundation suffers from pooled waters. Over time, at the least this causes mold growth and at the most, cracks and damage. Either option can be prevented with clean gutters.

Roof Wear and Tear

We see the most in damage to the fascia boards that are placed to hold gutter systems. These are often made of wood. Wood can easily rot in sitting water and debris.

Landscape Damage

If you’ve worked hard to add curb appeal to your home by planting in your garden and keeping the siding clean, damaged gutters can ruin that in one storm. If your gutters aren’t performing properly, there can be rusting of your exterior and fungi that damage your flowers and tress.

If all of this sounds like terrible consequences, but you still aren’t motivated to get up on a ladder to clean your gutters, we are with you. We don’t want you up there either. You have enough on your plate. And that’s why there’s Gutter Helmet. With a lifetime guarantee of “never having to clean your gutters again”, how could you resist? Learn more about them here or if want to talk to one of us about it, we’d love to chat!

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