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Arkansas Roof Maintenance in Spring

Arkansas summers and winters are particularly hard on your roof. From the excessive pressure of snow and ice to the scorching hot temperatures, your roof receives the brunt of the seasons, especially in our location, where we fully experience both cold winters and hot summers. To keep your central Arkansas roof from falling into disrepair, make a point to examine it each spring to ensure it will hold up during the summer months. To perform your inspection, this is what is looked for:

Missing shingles

Wintery weather and early spring storms can wreak havoc on your shingles. We take inventory of any missing shingles, and give a report back. If you’ve lost too many, you may need to have them replaced to keep your roof in good condition for the hot summer months.

Loose or cracked shingles

Loose, cracked or buckled shingles are hardly better than missing ones, and will most likely need to be replaced, especially if you have a large number of them.

Noticeable wear around chimneys, skylights and vents

If we see any sort of wear around your chimney, skylights or vents, we’ll assess and provide a recommendation.

Patches of moss

Moss growth can be a sign of roof decay, and should be taken care of immediately by one of our expert roofing technicians.

Shingle granules in gutters

If you find a decent amount of shingle granules in your gutters, you may begin to loose shingles soon, as these granules provide extra weight and protection from the elements.

The right company will lead you through the appropriate next steps to take, and make sure your roof is ready to take on the summer months. Give us a call. Our roofing technicians are industry experts that know exactly what to look for, and know the best solution for every type of roof wear and tear.