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Arkansas’ Deadliest Dangers to Your Roof

When you’re thinking of action movies you’ve watched recently or your favorite ones from the past, who usually turns out to be the villain or killer? The butler? The next door neighbor? Well, for your roof, the villain takes on many forms.

Every roof is the main character of its own action story, so every villain is going to be different. If your roof is ready to retire, the villain could be something as a small as a leak. If your roof is young and strong, it could require an entire tree to take it down.

Below we go through the top villains your Arkansas roof has a chance of encountering at any given time of its story. Take a look at the deadliest dangers to your roof.


A slight breeze isn’t going to take your roof down, but a twister isn’t the only way wind can damage your roof, either. There are varying pressures and speeds in between that can lift up shingles, especially on the outer edges. Once roofing materials start to peel, your roof is left vulnerable to leaks and rain, which is the next enemy we’ll encounter.


While a blessing to our crops, it can be quite a buzzkill to our roofs. One of the most common problems we see on Arkansas roofs is leaks, which can damage your ceiling, tiles, and anything you store in the attic. The gutters are another area where rain can cause damage if debris is blocking the rain’s channels to flow freely.

Snow and Ice

While not a huge problem for Arkansas residents, it’s still a viable threat, and because it’s not something we often have to encounter, it’s the sneakiest threat of all. Snow and ice are heavy weather entities, especially when they combine forces. Your roof has to uphold an intense amount of strength to keep these guys from defeating it.


We all know the effects the sun can have to your skin. For this enemy, we can visualize your roof as your home’s skin. The sun’s UV rays disrupt the chemicals used to bond the materials of your roof. Over time, as oxygen and rainwater come in contact with your roof, a chemical breakdown occurs and materials loosen. Other things can affect sun damage, like if your roof is comprised of wood or asphalt.

Algae and Moss

This stuff will grow where the sun don’t shine. These enemies are more likely to affect a wood shingled roof. Algae and moss thrive in wet and humid conditions, so their job is to rot and deteriorate your roofing materials.


Perhaps the most obvious enemy, trees can affect your roof in multiple ways. In a storm, an unstable one can come crashing through. In the fall and winter, debris can add clutter to your gutter and weigh your roof down. Whatever the case, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on all trees surrounding your home.

If you suspect any of these villains trying to attack, give us a call and we’ve got the tools to fight back. And stay tuned next week for how you can help prevent each of these enemies from claiming victory over your roof.

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