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Answers to your Arkansas Slate Roof FAQ

Found anywhere from country cottages to colossal castles, slate roofs have made their mark on the aerial views of the world. Each one is beautiful and unique, no slate tile made the same, as it is occurring in nature. Take a look at our blog on the history of slate roofs, and let us know if you have any additional questions on Arkansas slate roofing!

Q: What is slate?

A: Slate is a metamorphic rock derived from an original shale-type sedimentary rock composed of clay or volcanic ash. It is one of the earliest uses of roofing that is still used today. The combination of its hard, durable, and attractive aesthetic makes it a popular choice that has stood the test of time – and newer technology.

Q: Why would I choose a slate roof?

A: Because of the way slate is made by nature, the lifespan ranges from 60 – 120+ years. It requires less maintenance than other materials and is naturally occurring, so it’s a great choice for the environment. It’s available in an array of colors and is fire resistant.

Q: How much does Arkansas slate roofing material cost?

A: On the front end, slate roofing is slightly more expensive, but because of its long lifespan, it’s a worthy investment. The overall cost will depend on the size and scale of the roof.

Q: Can my roof handle the weight of a slate roof?

A: A great question! A slate roof can weigh anywhere from 800 to 1,500 lbs per 100 square feet, so a home’s structure should be evaluated for how much weight it can withstand before installing a slate roof.

Q: Can a slate roof be repaired, or only replaced?

A: Whenever possible, a slate roof should be repaired. Too often, a slate roof is replaced when the best option is to repair it. In certain situations, a replacement in necessary based on the condition of the roof, but each roof should be thoroughly evaluated for that judgment call.