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Your Answers on Radiant Barrier

If you’ve ever wrapped up in a blanket in long johns with a cup of hot cocoa and still felt a chill, it didn’t necessarily mean you’ve got the flu.

It may mean your home’s insulation isn’t doing its job.

If you’ve ever turned on the oven with no intention of cooking just to get warm, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need a doctor.

It may mean your heater is working overtime to keep your home warmer this year than last year. And the weather plays a large part in that, as well. So with all the variables that could be involved in the heating of your home, it’s good to be educated on your best and most energy efficient – and wallet friendly – options.

Introducing….Radiant Barrier!

Unlike mass insulation – which only works to slow down or resist heat transfer – Radiant Barrier reflects heat. The obstacle that Radiant Barrier overcomes is keeping heat in during winter and out in the summer.

All objects and bodies give off radiant heat – even insulation in your attic. But regular insulation won’t stop the loss of radiant heat that keeps you warm. It must be reflected, which is what makes Radiant Barrier different.

For the winter benefits, think about why we wrap a baked potato in aluminum foil either during or after cooking; it’s to keep it warm longer, to trap the heat in. Covering your attic insulation with Radiant Barrier holds heat in.

For the summer benefits, think of Radiant Barrier like a Thermos bottle. Radiant Barrier absorbs the heat from the sun to prevent it from reaching your home. This allows your AC unit to work less to cool your home in those triple digits heat indexes that Arkansas is known for.

FAQ on Radiant Barrier (RB):

Q: Will my roof be hotter in the attic with this addition?

A: Not at all! Field tests prove it stays the same temperature with or without RB.

Q: Do I have to remove old insulation to have RB installed?

A: Nope! It is laid over the insulation you currently have like a blanket.

Q: What could I save by having RB in my home?

A: Energy savings for heating and cooling vary from 10% to 25%. We are trained to do a home evaluation to determine your potential savings.

If you have any other questions or interest in Radiant Barrier, let us know on our Contact Form or through our social media channels!

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