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The Most Important Inspection of the Year

Cold air has begun to set in, and along with it will likely come some winter weather – which calls for a roofing inspection. While Arkansas is not known for heavy snowfall or frequent ice storms, we do typically experience some sort of frozen precipitation, and if the roof on your home or business isn’t in good shape, it only takes a small amount of ice, snow and/or wind to cause major damage. A roof inspection during the most wonderful time of the year is potentially the most important one you’ll have all year, especially if it’s been awhile since a professional has been on your roof. Below, we’ve listed out a few of the most common winter roof problems that can be preventively addressed by an inspection. Continue reading

Winter Roofing Weather Effects

It may feel like spring break here in Central Arkansas, but if you’ve lived here for longer than a year you know that it never lasts. Last year Jack Frost decided to wait until March to make his appearance in a big way by icing over our streets and homes. Because of the unpredictability of an Arkansas winter, P.I. is always on call and ready to help you get peace of mind by preparing your roof for winter roofing weather effects.
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