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Arkansas Fall Roofing Maintenance Tips

Fall is officially upon us. Colorful leaves are falling, football season is in full swing and pumpkins are decking the porches of homes across central Arkansas. In addition to all our fall festivities, we at P.I. Roofing also think this season is an ideal time to perform several roof maintenance practices to ensure your roof is strong and sturdy before winter weather hits. Continue reading

Arkansas Summer Storms Gutter Damage Aftermath

Arkansas summer storms are absolutely beautiful to watch and terrifying to get caught in. They can arrive without warning, create havoc on your home, and leave just as quickly as they came. And the duration of the storm doesn’t always make sense with the intense amount of damage caused. It’s akin to what your toddler can do to your living room when you look away for a second to take the spaghetti off the stove. There’s a reason for the phrase “looks like a tornado came through your room!” Unfortunately, with roofs, the damage isn’t always visible from the ground. And that includes gutter damage.

Clogged gutter damage can include water misdirection, wear and tear on your roof, rain runoff that causes leaks and damage in your foundation, extra weight that causes a pull-away from your roof, and damage to landscaping. Let’s explore some of these a little more.
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What To Expect From A P.I. Roofing Service Call

Your central Arkansas home is your haven, your place to provide for your family and escape from the stresses of work and the outside world. So the last thing you want is for that protection to be compromised. Joel and Veronica Johnson, owners of P.I. Roofing, feel the very same about their own home where their children were raised and where now their granddaughter is excited to visit and play. So when it comes to our homes, we don’t normally welcome surprises. We want you to know exactly what to expect on a service call from us so you feel safe in the hands of our technicians.

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How To: Reduce Winter Energy Costs

If you’re wondering how insulation works, think of stepping outside in the middle of winter with a fuzzy, cozy hat on your head. Then visualize the chill that sets in when you take that hat off. In this picture, the hat and your hair equal the insulation and roof of your home. They are designed to keep warmth in in the winter. So it makes sense that adding insulation and ensuring old insulation is still doing its job decreases energy costs by reducing the needed energy to keep your home at a cozy temperature.

Heating your home accounts for more than half of the energy that’s used in a single family sized home. With the reality that proper insulation installation lowers energy waste and shrinks energy bills, it’s time to give your insulation a second look. Roofing professionals will need to be educated on the following things:
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