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Why We Founded P.I. Roofing

Every company, from the smallest startups to the biggest corporations, has a story of how and why it was founded, and we believe this story says a lot about the company’s character and principles.

In 2001, Joel and Veronica Johnson decided to found P.I. Roofing to address the problems they had witnessed within the roofing industry, and because they knew they could provide a better product and experience for customers. Specifically, they wanted …
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Predicting the Future of Roofing

#FutureofRoofing may never trend on Twitter (hey, we can always dream) but that doesn’t mean we don’t get excited by the new and exciting things that the roofing industry is rolling out each year. Just like in the world of Hollywood, with roofing, you never can predict what’s just a passing trend and what’s here to stay. It’s P.I. Roofing’s philosophy to stay on top of new products and innovative techniques, but always to stay tried and true to what we know works and doesn’t need improving. With that in mind, take a look at what has been popular in the roofing industry this year and you tell us what’s here to stay.
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Administrative Professionals Day Spotlight

In honor of National Administrative Professionals Day, we’re featuring P.I. Roofing’s own Tressa Huntsman! She serves as controller, and keeps our accounting processes and finances in check. To help all our customers get to know Tressa a little better, we conducted a short Q and A with her on her favorite part of working for P.I. Roofing, what she most enjoys about the roofing industry and what she does when she’s not crunching numbers and serving our clients.
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Arkansas Roof Maintenance in Spring

Arkansas summers and winters are particularly hard on your roof. From the excessive pressure of snow and ice to the scorching hot temperatures, your roof receives the brunt of the seasons, especially in our location, where we fully experience both cold winters and hot summers. To keep your central Arkansas roof from falling into disrepair, make a point to examine it each spring to ensure it will hold up during the summer months. To perform your inspection, this is what is looked for:
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The Number One Thing You Need for Patio Season

At P.I. Roofing, one of our favorite things to do in central Arkansas during the spring/summer season is spending time outside on the patio. Whether we’re enjoying a quiet morning cup of coffee or hosting a cookout for family and friends, the patio becomes almost as important as the kitchen or living room during the warmer months, and it deserves just as much attention. To get the most out of your Arkansas home patio, you need comfy outdoor furniture, some citronella candles to keep insects away and ample shade.
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Understanding Our Certifications

In one of our previous blogs on how to decide on a professional roofer, one of the things we mentioned asking your potential roofer is what accreditations or certifications they’ve earned. They can list a whole slew of certifications but until you know what they mean, they don’t really hold a lot of weight. So we’re using this blog to help explain the different roofing certifications and business accreditations you’ll hear about when you talk to a P.I. roofer.
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In Case of Arkansas Roof Emergencies

Along with sunshine, longer days, green grass and beautiful flowers, spring can bring some of the year’s most detrimental storms – which often result in roof damage. Strong winds, heavy thunderstorms and tornadoes alike can take a perfectly good central Arkansas roof and leave it with missing shingles, gaping holes – or remove it all together – in a matter of seconds.

In these instances, your home needs immediate attention, and setting up an appointment with a local roofer a couple weeks out when you’ve got roofing problems now will have you stressed more than is necessary. Thankfully P.I. Roofing has everything in place that you need “in case of emergency”, like being on call for you day and night all year long.
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Roofing On Location: Waterford Apartments

As we rolled up to the Waterford Apartments located in Little Rock, the first thing we noticed was the condition of the shingles. They needed some P.I. Roofing TLC. With the amount of buildings located at Waterford, we knew this was an extensive job, but we were excited to take on the project. The old red-orange shingles had seen better days and with spring storms approaching, this was the perfect time to update the Waterford roof protection and design.
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Will a New Roof Increase My Home’s Value?

It’s decided: You’ve done the math. You’ve checked out the school districts and you’re ready to move. And that means you need to put your house on the market. Selling your home can be stressful, and making the right decisions regarding updates and staging are crucial to getting top dollar for your house. Certain projects, like redoing your kitchen, are almost guaranteed to significantly increase your final sale price, while others are more of a gamble – like roof work. So, will replacing your roof or doing extensive repairs really pay off when selling your home? Yes and no. Let us explain…
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