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Going Under the Awning to Reveal 4 Big Benefits

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Well-placed awnings add more to your home than just curb appeal. They provide a range of both physical and financial benefits for homeowners. In fact, studies show that adding a few awnings is one of the easiest ways to effectively cool your indoor temperature and lower your energy bill by up to 25%.

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Shedding Light on Sun Tunnel

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No matter how many lamps, lights or candles you add to a room, there’s simply no substitution for natural lighting. That’s why P.I. Roofing has recently added a very exciting new product to our arsenal- VELUX Sun Tunnel skylights! These tubular skylights are more than just your average window though. Take a look at our three favorite affects they will make on your home and everyday life.

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Ice Dams: How to Beat Them

Arkansas winters can be unpredictable. One day it’s warm and sunny, and the next it’s snowing or sleeting. Freezing temperatures can cause ice dams that trigger havoc to your home’s roof and interior if you’re not paying attention. Ice dams usually occur after a heavy snowfall or sleet and several days of freezing temperatures.

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Employee Spotlight: Shelley Mooney

From the guys on the roof to the people answering phones, it takes a full team to make our friendly customer service and exceptional craftsmanship possible – and an important part of that team is Shelley Mooney. Shelley has been a receptionist at P.I. Roofing for three and a half years, spending most of her time serving our customers and making sure they have sturdy roofs over their heads and are happy with our work. Get to know Shelley a little bit better by reading her interview below, or by watching her interview video here! Continue reading

Top 10 Arkansas Roofing Questions Answered: Part 1

Our Arkansas roofing customers often have a million questions for us about properly maintaining, repairing and replacing their roofs, and they should, as caring for your roof is a substantial financial investment that greatly impacts your home and quality of life. We want to help those who want to be more educated about their roof as much as possible, so we’ve listed out the top 10 questions we’re asked about roofing, and provided expert answers to each. Here are the first five:

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Arkansas Summer Storms Gutter Damage Aftermath

Arkansas summer storms are absolutely beautiful to watch and terrifying to get caught in. They can arrive without warning, create havoc on your home, and leave just as quickly as they came. And the duration of the storm doesn’t always make sense with the intense amount of damage caused. It’s akin to what your toddler can do to your living room when you look away for a second to take the spaghetti off the stove. There’s a reason for the phrase “looks like a tornado came through your room!” Unfortunately, with roofs, the damage isn’t always visible from the ground. And that includes gutter damage.

Clogged gutter damage can include water misdirection, wear and tear on your roof, rain runoff that causes leaks and damage in your foundation, extra weight that causes a pull-away from your roof, and damage to landscaping. Let’s explore some of these a little more.
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Employee Spotlight: Bryan Hamaker

At P.I. Roofing, we love to shine a spotlight on the amazing people that make the work we do possible. Today, we’re featuring Bryan Hamaker, who has spent the past 10 years working with customers and helping our company find new opportunities and markets where our services are needed. Get to know him a little better through the Q and A below:
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Why We Founded P.I. Roofing

Every company, from the smallest startups to the biggest corporations, has a story of how and why it was founded, and we believe this story says a lot about the company’s character and principles.

In 2001, Joel and Veronica Johnson decided to found P.I. Roofing to address the problems they had witnessed within the roofing industry, and because they knew they could provide a better product and experience for customers. Specifically, they wanted …
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