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Your Roofing Dictionary

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We understand that not everything we say in the roofing industry makes complete sense. Everyday words may have a completely different meaning in the roofing business, and to the untrained ear, it may even sound like we’re speaking gibberish. As a home owner though, you should be “in” on our roofing lingo, so you’re fully aware of your roof’s needs. That’s where our roofing dictionary comes into hand.

Asphalt Plastic Cement

Often referred to as mastic, blackjack, roof tar or bull, this asphalt-based sealant helps waterproof and adhere roofing materials to your home.

Hip Roof

We’re not talking about how cool your home is when we refer to your “hip roof.” Instead, we’re referring your roof’s angles. A hip roof has four planes that slope downward from a single peak.


Flashing is a material used on a roof to transition from roofing to something that is not your roof.  Typically used around chimneys, metal, tin, copper, plastic or lead flashing is a small installation that plays a huge part in water and weather-proofing your home.


Blisters on humans are usually a result of a burn or friction. Blisters on a roof; however, are the complete opposite. In roofing, blisters refer to the bubbling up of shingles, usually caused by excess moisture in either the material itself or underneath the material.


Unfortunately, if your roof is “telegraphing,” it’s exactly what it sounds like. Your shingles, similar to the look of Morse code, are reflecting the bumps, unevenness and sometimes buckling beneath their surface.


No, we’re not installing small, chirping creatures to your rooftop. Roof crickets, or saddles, are ridge-like diverters that we install behind the high side of a chimney, or other roof projection, to keep water from pooling in the crevice.


You should always give 110% to your work… unless you’re working with certain roofing materials. When we say your roof is overdriven, it means that too much force was used when fastening your roofing materials, and your materials are either breaking or about to break.

At P.I. Roofing, our goal is to meet your needs with leading expertise and unmatched attention to detail. That’s why we go above and beyond to provide our customers with complete honesty, from explanation of our roofing vernacular, to our written analysis that we provide each and every customer.