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Weather the Storm

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With a storm season lasting from October-January, and tornado season picking up soon afterwards from March-May, our Central Arkansas customers get their unfortunate share of storms each year. With this in mind, we’ve chosen our state’s Severe Weather Awareness week to help educate the public on how to stay safe through every stage of a storm’s occurrence. Let’s take a look.


Like with many things in life, the key to confidence– in this case, during a storm– is preparation. Before severe weather is even announced on your local news, have a discussion with your entire family on what your storm plan is. Have a designated, safe area in your home, that’s away from windows and glass doors, that even the children know to head towards in case of emergency.

Once your family is safe and secure, move on to your less important, miscellaneous items. Have a family disaster kit prepared and stocked with batteries, flashlights and candles, as well as a “bring inside” list. You’ll likely remember to bring inside your four-legged pal during severe weather, but keep items like firewood or loose branches, that can double as missiles during a storm, on it as well.


If thunder roars, go indoors! Keep a close eye on the weather or emergency radio stations, and if necessary, seek shelter immediately. If you have window shutters, close them, and double check that all outside doors are securely shut. Keep your head down and covered, and insulate yourself with additional blankets and pillows for added protection.

If you’re on the road when a surprise storm strikes, seek shelter if at all possible. If it’s not, park your car with your hazard lights on, and keep your seatbelt buckled and engine running. If debris is flying, protect your head by putting it below the windows, and covering it with your hands and a blanket.


Don’t rush outside just yet! First, check for injuries, then let any concerned family members know you’re safe. Take pictures of any home damage that occurred, including contents inside your home, for insurance purposes, and be sure to listen to local news for updates on blocked roadways before attempting to drive anywhere.

We hope none of you ever have to put these tips into practice. If your home ever does suffer from damage though, our hard-working team of professionals are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, to address any emergency roof damage and protect your home.