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Roofing Resolutions for 2017

We make New Year’s resolutions for everything. A new diet. A new exercise routine. A new personal development plan. A new professional development goal. But what about your house? More importantly, what about your roof? How do you keep it healthy and vibrant for the long haul? Here are some simple suggestions. Make sure your plan for 2017 takes your home’s roof into account.

Get a Professional Inspection
Real estate professionals will tell you that one of the key investments that can help sell a house is a new roof. Keep yours in top shape to maximize your property value. A professional inspection is something that should be done each year. The weather varies widely–especially here in Arkansas. It can be sunny and warm one day and icy and cold the next. All the natural elements, plus the wear and tear of constant wind creates stress on your roof. In addition, low-hanging trees can cause scratching and damage to your roof.

Trim Back Overhanging Vegetation
Speaking of trees that cause damage to your roof, make it a priority this year to ensure that mature, overhanging trees or bushes are trimmed back from your roof. Every few years, it pays to have a professional tree company check the health of the trees on your property. Watch for any dead or dying limbs that may become a hazard in high winds. Removing these branches before the storm strikes can really help prevent a horrible emergency after one has crashed down on your roof.

A Roof Cleaning Plan
Make a plan now to keep your roof clean. With winter storms, ice and snow can cause damage to the roof–especially if it is heavier snowfall than usually. Cleaning the roof in the spring and fall can extend the life of your roof and keep it in good repair. Removing twigs, branches and leaves from the roof, helps keep the shingles sealed and in good repair. In addition, the more times you have to give your roof a checkup, the greater chance you have of identifying a necessary repair early before it progresses into a full-blown emergency repair.

Roof Checkups
As we have already stated, take cleaning opportunities throughout the year to do a quick check-up on your roof’s health. Be sure to check the penetrations where the roof meets the chimney, vents and other openings in your roof. Make sure that these are properly sealed and there is no visible damage. Walk the roof line along the eaves if possible to check your gutters. On a nice day, run water from a hose through your gutter system to ensure that all drains are cleared and draining water away from your roof and foundation as they should.

Adopt these simple tips and they will help keep your roof in good health all year long.

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