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Preparing Your Roof for an Arkansas Summer

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“If you don’t like the weather in Arkansas, wait a few minutes.”

Arkansas weather tends to be all over the place, and this summer is no exception. The Old Farmer’s Almanac predicts that the month of June will be full of several thunderstorms and below normal temperatures followed by hotter periods in July and August.

To keep any serious roof problems at bay, here are some tips for protecting your home as we approach another Arkansas summer:

Check Your Shingles

While a slight breeze won’t take your roof down, it doesn’t take a full-blown (pun intended) twister to damage your roof either. There are varying pressures and speeds in between that can lift shingles, especially on their outer edges. Once roofing materials start to peel, your roof is left vulnerable to leaks and rain.

Too much sun can warp and discolor shingles. The sun tends to bleach the color out of a wide variety of materials, and your roof is no exception. While discoloration itself isn’t a sign of serious damage, it is often a precursor to warped and decaying shingles. A few misshaped shingles won’t make a huge difference in the quality of your roof, but too many can compromise the effectiveness of your roof’s initial covering.

Clean Your Gutters

With the added rain we’re expecting this June, you need to protect your home from leaks that can damage anything from your ceiling to your tiles to anything you store in the attic. Gutters are another area where rain can cause damage if debris is blocking the rain’s channels to flow freely.

The main purpose of gutters is to channel water flow away from your home to prevent leaks and other damage. Keeping your gutters in good condition does more than just benefit your home, it can also save you from spending more on repairs. To keep your rain gutter system in good shape, having us install quality gutter guards is the best option out there. We provide the best gutter protection system from the leading manufacturer in the industry. 

Keep an eye out for signs of roof damage throughout the summer, and if you notice anything out of the ordinary, give us a call at 501-812-5164. We’ll give you an honest evaluation and formulate the best plan for keeping your roof in good shape.