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Myth Busters: Roofing

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Unlike paper towels, milk or even a new home; a new roof is something that many homeowners will only purchase once in their lifetime. Because of this, there are a lot of industry unknowns that result in incorrect information being passed around. That’s where we come in– to demystify the world of roofing and clear up any myths that may have been created.

Myth: New roofs are maintenance-free for a long time.

This would be such a blissful idea if it weren’t so untrue! Sure, recent advances in technology, materials and application have made roofs more durable, but unfortunately, a 20-year, maintenance-free home topper is not something that exists just yet.

Myth: All shingles are the same.

Aesthetics aside, all shingles are not created equal. From fiberglass-reinforced products to those that can withstand up to 100+ mph, different brands and types of shingles offer different sustainability options, warranties and purpose.

Myth: Roofing can be a DIY project.

Technically, this is true– roofing can be done at home, but we strongly don’t advise it. Roofers are trained technicians with experience and knowledge to not only repair the problem area, but to replace the underlayer, joists and whole roof if necessary. And with a home item meant to last for decades, don’t you want to make sure it’s done right?

Myth: No leaks– no problem.

Just like a cough isn’t the only indication that you could be sick; a leak isn’t the only way to measure your home’s health. In fact, some roofs are in major disrepair and don’t have a single leak. The key to avoiding these issues entirely is simple– roof maintenance.

Myth: Roof maintenance is optional.

This is the roofing myth of all roofing myths, and we understand why! After all, when you have a mortgage, energy bill, food, dance lessons, car payments and life to pay for, who hasn’t thought about skimping on some “unnecessary” expenses? Your roof though, protects what matters most to you– your family, and according to Roofing Contractor Magazine, it can last an average of 21 years (as compared to 13 years) if you simply proactively maintain it with a roof maintenance plan.

Myth: All roof contractors are the same.

Roofing contractors have varying levels of education, experience and craftsmanship. While some have been in business for decades, others may still be earning their stripes, so never be afraid to ask questions, check reviews or request referrals from recent customers before making your decision. After all, here at P.I. Roofing, we’re focused on one common goal that disproves this myth– to meet every customers’ needs with leading expertise and attention to detail.