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Is Your Roof Reindeer-Proof?

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It’s the end of December, and temperatures are dropping as quickly as holiday lights are being hung. This time of year always means the three S’s are on their way– storms, snow and Santa (with all eight of his reindeer). Make sure your roof is Santa-ready by checking for these warning signs that it’s time to contact us.

Unwanted Smiles

Smiles are great–as long as they’re not coming from your shingles! Curling shingles slow down Santa’s sleigh and are usually caused by water absorption or hot air in the attic, both which are signs that a leak isn’t far behind.

It’s Old and Gray

If your roof is old enough to have graduated college, it’s time to contact us. Even if everything looks good from ground-level, asphalt shingles are only made to last between 20-30 years.


A sagging roof isn’t necessarily a sign that Santa’s reindeer will fall through at any minute, but it is a sign that should cause concern. Sagging is typically indicative of a structural problem that needs to be addressed immediately.

It’s Balding

If you have brand new shingles, don’t be alarmed by a handful of extra granules that might be loose. On the other hand, if they’re older than your high schooler and you spy loose granules, give us a call. These tiny pieces are responsible for protecting the asphalt on your shingles from weathering. Once they’re gone, your roof’s quality will quickly deteriorate.

Ceiling Stains

You don’t need professionals to tell you this is a big “no no” for your roof. If your ceiling stains grow after each rain, you have an active leak, and need to call in a pro (that’s us!). Our team is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, ready to serve you.

Your roof holds more importance than simply keeping Santa and his reindeer up when they come to visit you. It protects the people you love. That’s why we make it a priority to bring you honest answers and the highest quality results. Contact us today.