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How to Fall-Proof Your Roof

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The kids are settling in to school, football has returned to television and pumpkin flavored everything is lining the grocery store shelves. This can only mean one thing– fall is back! Before you zip up your jackets and jump into a leaf pile, take a moment to assure your home is prepared for what the upcoming seasons are bringing.

Guard Your Gutters

Your gutters are essentially your home’s drain. Similar to a bathtub drain, if your gutters get too full with debris or water, they overflow and cause extensive damage to your house’s roof, trim and siding.

Before the leaves start falling this season, grab your ladder and do a quick check to make sure your gutters are clean and clear. As rain and thunderstorms occur throughout the season, continue to circle back to clean them out. If that doesn’t sound like a job fit for you– no problem! Forget about climbing ladders, and try out Gutter Helmet. This way, your gutter has a protective “helmet” to protect it from debris.

Clear it Off

Fall is called “fall” for a reason. Those pine cones, leaves, needles and sticks dropping from the trees have to land somewhere, and without fail, some always find their way to your roof. Don’t let these little items fool you though. After a seasonal thunderstorm, this debris will retain moisture which can lead to the breaking of your roofing material.

Grab the Binoculars

It’s vital that you regularly check on the status of your roof, but who says that has to be done from the rooftops? Instead, use binoculars to scan your home for cracked, curled, missing or discolored shingles as well as damaged flashing around chimneys and skylights. These are not only eye sores, but they also can be the cause of expensive future leaks.


Your attic may be small, but it packs a big punch! Before winter’s big temperature drop, be sure to have your attic’s insulation inspected. Proper insulation not only keeps you warm and cozy in the winter months, but it also keeps you cool and breezy during the summer.

Fall is too enjoyable of a season to let roof damage ruin it. From roof inspections to cleaning out gutters, we offer the professional expertise and the industry-leading products needed to meet all of your home’s needs. That way, you can enjoy the season to the fullest.