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Hanging On By Your Nails

What holds that brand new, expensive designer shingle on your roof? Nails! How many nails? Well, that’s the question you need to ask roofers, before you decide who you want to do your roof.

The manufacturer requires four nails for most sloped roofs and goes up to six for more vertical slopes. It’s important to make sure your roofer is using more than just two or three nails. When winds blowing 20-40 mph occur, the shingles can start to lift and pull on the nails. If you started with four nails, and one is pulled loose, you only have three left, leaving you with only 75% staying power, and a higher chance of losing more.

Once water enters the attic, it most likely lands on insulation, which is not made for water absorption. If left unchecked, the water can cause mold and mildew, which may account for the family allergy or breathing problems within the home.

It’s always good to be informed about what will be protecting you and your family from the elements. P.I. Roofing will answer any questions and probably even some you didn’t know you needed to ask.

This blog has been written as an excerpt from the book The Roof Leak Detective written by Joel and Veronica Johnson, Owners of P.I. Roofing

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