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Arkansas’ Greatest Roof Heroes

Last week we laid out the deadliest dangers that pose a threat to your roof. Some were the obvious ones that you knew were villains at the very beginning of the movie. Some were definitely the sneaky kind, the ones that make you gasp at the plot twist.

You can view that blog here before we move on to the good guys.

We had six roof enemies that we discussed, so for each one we’ll give you the heroic acts you or your roofing company can do to start preventing their victory or gain the upper hand.


Preventing wind damage starts at the beginning of the roof build, repair, or replacement. Properly nailing shingles down is absolutely key to ensuring they won’t fly up at the first strong breeze. Some roofers skimp on the nails to save money. It will eventually cost more down the road to replace those shingles.


Much like the rest of the southeast, Arkansas has heavy early spring and late fall storms, and light ones in summer afternoons. Replace old and worn out shingles before those seasons hit to take preventative rather than reactive actions. But the hero that will fight best against this enemy is your gutter. A clean, cleared-out gutter will extend the life of your roof, and if – like most people – cleaning your gutter isn’t something you enjoy, Gutter Helmet is here to save the day.

Snow and Ice

For these guys, preventing build-up is your most heroic act. Roofs can withstand weight; they are built to do that, but there is a limit. Packed snow should be safely cleared. Arkansas doesn’t receive copious amounts of snow, so quick melting often happens. This can cause dangerous ice dams, clogged gutters, and flooding. Making sure your attic is properly insulated will allow the right amount of heat to melt snow and ice slowly and safely.


Much like with wind, preventing sun damage is vital at the beginning and then requires consistent check-ups. When you’re choosing your roofing material, ask us about coating options and prepare to invest in materials that give your roof an extended shelf life and require less maintenance.

Algae and Moss

While we consider sun damage a formidable foe, a little bit of sun can help reduce the chances for algae and moss to grow rampant. Reduce shade and moisture where these enemies thrive.


Your trimmer is the hero that will prevent these guys from taking over your roof. We recommend trimming your trees within a six-foot distance from your home to prevent branches from falling directly on your roof and leaves from clogging your gutter.