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4 Signs Your Roofer is a Scam

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Spring has sprung, and you know how the old saying goes: “April showers bring May… roofing scams!” This may not be exactly how you learned the nursery school rhyme, but unfortunately, it’s nevertheless true. Scammers use this conveniently stormy season to prey upon homeowners, using fear to con them into high-dollar “solutions” for their home. Fight back against unethical contractors by staying educated. Read our top 4 warning signs that you shouldn’t trust your roofer.

The Out-of-Town Storm Chaser

We’ve all heard of this particular type of con-artist, yet homeowners fall victim to the scam each year. These scammers, often called “roofing gypsies,” get their cue from the weather channel, then blanket areas recovering from storm damage in hopes to find anxious homeowners to exploit. The process is simple after that. They file an insurance claim, get paid, the homeowner gets a shabby roof whether it’s needed or not, and the insurance company shells over the money. If you have any problems with the work afterward, the only guarantee these guys can provide is that they’ll be long gone.

The Good Samaritan

Although this one seems the kindest on our list, don’t be fooled by a roofer who just happens to show up on your doorstep offering a free roof estimate or to take a look at the damage he noticed on your roof. These tricksters have been known to falsify roof damage, sometimes even creating it themselves, to con homeowners into signing off on repair work.

An Elevator Ride of Prices

Unethical contractors know that most homeowners don’t have extended roof repair experience, and they use this to their advantage. Since roofing is expensive, scammers often offer unbelievably (pun intended) low bids. Then, once you’ve agreed to hire them, your bid seems to hop on an elevator and continue to rise. Whether it be “unexpected costs,” “fluctuating material costs” or “unforeseen repairs,” this trick often leaves you with a poor roof that you’ve overpaid for.

No Documentation

Verifying certain documents is the best way to fight against scammers. Insurance and a valid license should be carried by 100% of roofing companies 100% of the time, so if someone is promising you repair on your home but can’t provide proof of these– run! On that note, also be weary of accepting a post office box as an adequate address. If the company offering to fix your roof doesn’t have a roof of their own, red flags should start waving in your head. Listen to these mental cues, and do your research to avoid scams.

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