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Sun Tunnels: Are They Worth It?

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No matter how “natural” bulb manufacturers claim to make fluorescent lights, one thing remains true– they’re hideous. It may sound harsh, but in our opinion, there’s simply no competition between warm and cheerful natural lighting and the drab and dreary artificial. That’s why we love our VELUX tubular skylights, Sun Tunnels. Are they actually worth the hype we give them though? Read on to find out…


Windows are fantastic ways to give your home a surge of sunlight, but unfortunately, between views, architectural restrictions and aesthetics; they also come with limitations. Sun Tunnels on the other hand, utilize your fifth wall, your roof, to allow daylight into even the darkest areas of your home. With Sun Tunnels, if you want your sectional in the corner of your living room, nothing’s stopping you! You’ll get the same amount of natural light regardless. And that neighbor whose home is built within arm’s reach of yours? Not a problem. With your “window” being built above instead of aside, you don’t have to compromise solitude for sunshine.


Sure, with the increase of natural light into your home, your electric bill will decrease, but did you ever consider your energy bill would too? In summer’s scorching days, the reflective property of Sun Tunnels reduce your HVAC’s workload by brightening your home without the burn caused by artificial lights.


Sun Tunnels’ benefits aren’t solely appreciated by your home though– they affect you too! Not only can sunlight help lower blood pressure, but it can also be used as a natural disinfectant in those typically dark and damp areas of your home where bacteria is prone to piling up. Basements and bathrooms, beware!


Have you ever noticed how flight attendants turn on and off lights when flying overnight? They aren’t only being considerate– they’re getting you acclimated to your destination’s time change! Dimly lit areas naturally make us feel drowsy (which is why attendants turn the lights off when it’s “bedtime”), whereas bright lighting stimulates the mind and wakes us up (why they turn lights on during early mornings). Using this same method, the addition of a Sun Tunnel can awake your senses and increase productivity.


Last but not least on our list of reasons we love Sun Tunnels? They’re beautiful! After all, ask any interior designer what their favorite lighting system is, and natural light will typically top their list. Sunshine makes colors appear more clearly, details seem more defined, and the overall “look” even more lovely.

So are skylights all they’re made out to me? No. They’re better! With a specially designed tunnel that passes from roof to ceiling, they make a stunning statement in any home. Don’t hesitate– contact P.I. Roofing today, and we’ll help you pass on the title of “best view in the house” to any room you want.