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Meet Our Mascots

Our excitement for bringing customers quality roofing services is growing. In fact, it recently doubled! Meet Roof Leak Detective and Super Roofer —the most animated and enthusiastic members of our team. At P.I. Roofing, delivering exceptional results for our customers requires doing more to meet their roofing needs. Our mascots were created to help spread the word about the services and products that we offer and to provide insight and educational tips that help customers make smarter decisions when installing, repairing and/or maintaining their roofs. Here’s a little background on both, so you’ll know them better before you see them at the next public event. Super Roofer and Roof Leak Detective love a challenge. If you have a roof leak that keeps coming back or if you want to prevent leaks from happening, call PI roofing!

Roof Leak Detective-

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 10.40.25 PM

 Roof leak detective- from the time she was just a pup she always had a nose for sniffing out trouble. She loves finding those roof leaks that others have tried to find but failed. She is very tenacious when she sets her mind to finding roof leaks.

Super Roofer-

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 10.39.55 PM

Super roofer was found in a corn field and raised by his roofer father. He grew up a humble young pup. Carrying shingles for his dad and learning the trade. He has become quite the roofer over the years. He enjoys training the young roofers and watching them become successful.

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