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From the Top: An Interview with Joel Johnson

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Over time, you’ve likely heard about P.I. Roofing’s top-of-the-line materials and high quality results. But what’s P.I. Roofing like behind the scenes? To best answer that, we went straight to the top. No, not the rooftops– to owner, Joel Johnson, himself. 


There are a lot of roofers in Central Arkansas. What characteristics do you use to define a “good” one?

Work ethic, integrity and honesty. We’ve all heard the horror stories about dishonest people in construction, and since a roofer is someone that the customer can’t easily check up on, integrity is a must. It’s also a hot, difficult job most months, so without good work ethic, it’s hard to get out of bed day after day.

That’s no surprise there. Those all sound like qualities found in P.I. Roofing! What’s an aspect about your business that might surprise people?

We don’t want you to have to pay for a roof replacement unless you have to. Instead, we’d rather fix it and help you maintain it. Then, when you do need a new roof, you know who to call.

That’s a relief! What about the company as a whole– any secret services we should know about?

Here at P.I. Roofing, we have an entire division devoted to home improvements. From painting to carpentry, we work hard to deliver a higher quality.

Wow. So with such a wide variety of services, how do you choose the favorite part of the business?

I have several, but mostly, God is in control. Let me explain. When we started the business in January 2001, I had to quit my job to chase this calling to help roofers, and in turn, the customers. So knowing that we do what we do to serve a loving God and bless others by our service, is always my favorite.

What do you foresee in P.I. Roofing’s future?

We’re partnering with NRCA now to change the roofing industry through training the next generation of roofers. And as far as changes, we’ll continue to be leaders in the evolution of the professionalism of roofing.

At P.I. Roofing, we strive to treat your home as if it were our own. So from initial proposal to finished product, our focus is always on finding the absolute best results for our customers. It would be our privilege and honor to serve you. Contact us today for your free roof evaluation!