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Your home is likely the most valuable investment you’ll ever make. That’s why protecting it, and your family inside of it, is essential. We provide the information on this page to help our customers fully understand what homeowners insurance policies cover– and what they don’t. Read on to gain the knowledge needed to confidently take control of your home insurance process and get the most value out of your policies.

Is Renter’s Insurance Necessary?

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Understanding the coverage provided by a renter’s policy may help you determine whether you want to purchase such a policy. Generally, you may get coverage under a renter’s insurance policy for the following: PERSONAL PROPERTY: This will cover your personal belongings. Speak with your agent about antiques, collectibles, furs, cash on hand, computers and other…

Is Duct Work Considered Part of a Home’s Air Conditioning “System”?

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Certain types of water damage are likely to fall under a water exclusion clause such as damage caused by flood, tsunami, standing water, groundwater and drain or sewage backup. Despite these categories, disputes often arise whether damages caused by water are covered under the standard homeowner’s policy. The type of water damage that may be…

Why to Create a Home Inventory Before Disaster Strikes

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Do you have a home inventory? If not, do you know where to start? When disaster strikes, having home inventory ready to submit may not only speed up your claims handling process, it may relieve the stress and the overwhelming burden of preparing one after the fact. Trying to accomplish the same task after…