P.I. Roofing


These industry leaders specialize in products designed specifically to keep moisture out.

SOPREMA, Inc. is a world-wide leading manufacturer in the commercial roofing and waterproofing industry. SOMPREMA fluid-applied waterproofing systems are designed as the primary line of defense against moisture infiltration into your building.

Products: Alsan Urethane Systems, Alsan RS PMMA Systems, Alsan Flex System

Uniflex has vast experience and time-tested products, which gives building owners the assurance they need that their roofs will remain weathertight. Uniflex products are fully warranted, minimizing roof maintenance costs over 10+ years. They provide high UV reflectivity, reducing under-the-roof temperatures and air cooling costs, as well as lowering roof surface temperatures.

Products: Aluminum Finish Coats, Elastometric Finish Coats

We offer TOPCOAT® liquid applied solutions. TOPCOAT® helps to protect and maintains new roofing systems and restores deteriorating low-slope roofs.